Click HERE to view and bid on our amazing catalog of auction items…and buy a case of wine while you are at it!

Keep the Party – and The Picture House – Going!



Picnic in the Park is an important fundraiser for The Picture House.  The auction is always a big part of the fundraising, but why interrupt the party if we can hold the auction ahead of time?

This year, all bidding will be online.  This means that the auction begins and ends BEFORE Picnic starts, so that when we get the party started, it can just keep on going!  

This also means even if you can’t attend Picnic, you can still bid online for some great items and win!

Bidding will close at 6 o’clock PM SHARP on Saturday, September 16th before the event starts.

Please support the Picture House by bidding, so you can can help keep our beautiful theater, great film programming, community outreach, and education programs going strong!

Thank you for supporting The Picture House!

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