“Whenever I hear people dismiss movies as “fantasy” and make a hard distinction between film and life, I think to myself that it’s just a way of avoiding the power of cinema. Of course it’s not life – it’s the invocation of life, it’s an ongoing dialogue with life.” – Martin Scorsese

Education at The Picture House seeks to develop a deep respect for the power of cinema as an art form and it’s capacity to expand our sense of the the world as it is, or might be. We also strive to provide the fundamental skills necessary for the craft of filmmaking and visual literacy, so that our students, young and old, will be well equipped to thrive in our 21st century, media-saturated culture.

CORE CLASSES  allow our youngest artists (grades K – 5) to explore filmmaking at an age-appropriate level and build skills in the following areas: character creation, storytelling, improv, conflict/resolution, storyboarding, simple camera work, public speaking, leadership and collaboration. Our classes offer our older students (grades 6 – 12) a more immersive, process-driven approach toward filmmaking. Areas of development include: film acting, screenwriting, visual storytelling, film history, directing, cinematography, editing, special effects, industry insight, public speaking, leadership and collaboration. All of our classes seek to foster self discovery, imagination, and the ability to bring our creative ideas to life.

CAMPS offer a creative outlet for students during school and summer vacations. In these unique workshops, students get an introduction to the basics of filmmaking while stretching their imaginative and collaborative muscles. Students will gain introductory exposure to the world of visual storytelling by creating videos in a multitude of different formats in a fun and inviting environment. Themes and areas of focus are always changing for our camps and are not only a great way to introduce students to the world of film, but serve to supplement and invigorate students already active in ongoing film education.

ADULT CLASSES provide an opportunity for students ages 18 and up to break out of their regular routine and learn more about the art of cinema. Whether it’s exploring the works of some of our greatest filmmakers, learning a new technological skill, or re-igniting that creative spark, these classes are tailored for busy professionals and parents. We offer weekend workshops and short-commitment, weeknight series in our spaces at The Picture House.  We can also create a customized workshop to bring to your workspace or club. Please contact us at education@thepicturehouse.org for more information.

SPECIAL SCREENINGS can provide a visual and sensory experience like no other. Using film as a catalyst for your group discussion or class unit of study can help students find a personal connection to historical, cultural, and issue-based subjects that can spark a deeper level of appreciation and understanding. The Picture House will work with you to select a film that enhances your curriculum or project and will assist in selecting an appropriate speaker or panel to work with your group to explore and expand on the theme of the film.


SCHOOL RESIDENCIES with The Picture House integrate filmmaking classes into the programs and curricula of schools, camps, or community centers. These customized residencies can vary in format from a 1-day workshop to an 8-day program or a semester-long enrichment offering. We cover a wide range of filmmaking skills in these classes, but always emphasize creativity, film literacy and collaboration. Learning how to work as a team toward realizing a creative vision is not only fun and exciting, the lessons learned are invaluable to the growth and future success of our students throughout their education and beyond.

See the videos created by the Yonkers School 17 6th grade for Black History Month 2017. Thank you to HealthCor for making this residency possible!

Ruby Bridges 

Thurgood Marshall

Harriet Tubman