Cinema has the power to inspire, enrich, and change lives for the better. Film Education at The Picture House not only provides students with opportunities to experience that power, through the shared experience of our film screening programs, but our students are also learning the art, technique and skills involved in making movies.

At The Picture House, our students develop personal confidence, public speaking skills and the ability to communicate effectively with many different audiences. Whether making movies, learning about the craft of acting, understanding screenwriting, developing a knowledge of editing, how the camera works and even animation – this personal development can be in and of itself, life-changing. At The Picture House, each of our classes from age 4 – adult, build on one another, while students develop their personal skills they also gain a deeper understanding of the art of film.


CLASSES @TPH (pre K– grade 12), allows our youngest artists (pre K – grade 5) to gain skills in the follow areas: characters, story, scenic design, introduction to movement and music, early camera work, confidence building, public speaking, and team work. Our classes offer our older students (grade 6 – 12) an innovative, process – driven approach towards film acting, screenwriting, directing, an understanding of the industry, exposure to industry professionals, confidence building, public speaking, and collaboration.

CAMPS @TPH offers fun day and week long programs during school and summer vacations. We focus on making short movies, music video, animation, and improvisation!

ADULT CLASSES @TPH provides engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for those who want to gain a deeper appreciation for film as an art form.

Sharing the experience of film can open difficult discussions in a way that engages and empowers. Issue-based films – like the Trials of Muhammad Ali, 42, Plastic Paradise, and Glory Road  have the potential to inspire, empower, and enlighten young audiences. The Picture House will work with you to select a film that enhances your curriculum and will assist in selecting an appropriate speaker or panel to work with the students to explore the core issues of the film.


Picture House education residencies integrate filmmaking classes into the programs and curricula of schools, camps, or community centers. These customized residencies focus on acting, directing, screenwriting, editing, animation, and documentary filmmaking and can vary in format from a 1-day workshop to an 8-day program or a semester-long enrichment offering. Popular residencies include: A Taste of Filmmaking; Silent Film Workshop; Animation Workshop; Creating a Reflection Documentary; Election/Community Issue Project.


TAKE A LOOK! Videos from some of our recent classes:

“Everything is Awesome”

Animated Lego Movie!



“The Obsession”


Future Filmmakers Festival Coverage