How do I become a member?
You have several options: You may purchase your membership online by clicking here. You may also print out our membership form (link: PDF of membership form) and mail to The Picture House, 201 Wolfs Lane, Pelham NY 10803.

How can I learn about special member offers and promotions?
The best way to stay informed about everything that is happening at The Picture House is to sign up for our email list here (link: email list sign-up). Please also submit a working email address with your membership purchase so that you will not miss special members-only opportunities.

How can I use my member discount?
Your member discount is valid at every Picture House movie, whether it is a regular screening or a special event. Member discounts for regular admission tickets is $5 off the standard price. Member discounts for special events will vary. If you are purchasing tickets in advance, you may use your member discount but you must bring your membership card with you to the screening. When purchasing tickets at the box office, you must show your membership card.

I haven’t yet received my New Member package, but I want to use my member discount now. How can I do this?
You should print out a copy of your membership confirmation email and use that in place of your membership card.

What do I do if I lose my membership card?
Please contact us at membership@thethepicturehouse.org or at 914-738-3161 for a replacement card.

If I am a member, do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
You are not required to purchase tickets in advance, but we do recommend it. Being a member does not guarantee you entry to our regular films or special events. Even if your membership gives you free entry to select events, you should still RSVP to guarantee seating.

How many discounted tickets can I buy?
Individual members are each entitled to one discounted ticket per screening. Dual members and above are entitled to two discounted tickets per membership per screening. For example, while two people may share a Dual membership, that one membership comes with two discounted tickets, not two discounted tickets per member.

May I give my membership card to someone else to use?
Member benefits are only available to those people whose names are listed on the card. At least one person whose name is on the card must be present at the screening in order to take advantage of discounted tickets and other benefits. You may give Picture House memberships as gifts so that others may enjoy these benefits. Please contact us at membership@thepicturehouse.org or at 914-738-3161 to find out more about Picture House gift memberships.

How do I give a gift membership?
Purchase membership as you normally would, but make sure to note that this is a gift. Supply the gift recipient’s name, address, phone number, and email. During your purchase, you may submit a message for the enclosed gift card. Gift membership packages are mailed directly to the recipient. If you have specific instructions for your gift or would like to make special arrangements, please contact us atmembership@thepicturehouse.org or at 914-738-3161.

When will my membership expire? Your membership expires one year from the day you purchased it, on the last day of that month. To ensure that you do not miss out on any member benefits, you will begin to receive reminders to renew your membership several months prior to the expiration date.

Will I lose time on my current membership if I renew early?
You are entitled to the full year of your membership, regardless of when you renew. We appreciate early renewals.

I purchased a membership, but want to upgrade to a higher level. How do I do this?
We are happy to help you upgrade your membership so that you may receive even more special benefits. Please contact us at membership@thepicturehouse.org or at 914-738-3161 for more information.
I purchased a membership but I want to cancel it. Is this possible?
You may not cancel your membership once you have purchased it. Please contact us atmembership@thethepicturehouse.org or at 914-738-3161 for more information.

Is my membership tax-deductible?
A portion of each membership is tax-deductible. This amount varies according to membership level. Please refer to the Benefits (link: BENEFITS) section to see the tax-deductible portions for each membership level. For members at the Film Buff level and above.

How do I use my complimentary tickets?
In your New Member package, you will receive your special events vouchers. Each voucher will list the number of screenings in that series to which you are entitled. You must bring this card with you to the screening and show it at the box office in order to receive your complimentary ticket. Complimentary tickets will not be issued without this voucher.

If I have complimentary tickets, do I still need to RSVP in advance?
We strongly recommend that you RSVP in advance of an event in order to guarantee seating. We are not able to guarantee entry otherwise. You may RSVP at membership@thepicturehouse.org or at 914-738-3161.

What are members-only events?
Members-only events are fun, festive events where members can get to know each other better and enjoy a film-focused program. You will be notified about upcoming members-only events.

How do I reserve seats for events?
In order to reserve seats for select special events, you must email membership@thepicturehouse.org or call 914-738-3161 no fewer than two days prior to the event. Reserved seating is available on a first come-first serve basis. A Picture House staff member will escort you to your seats.

How do I redeem my complimentary gift Individual membership?
Email membership@thepicturehouse.org or call 914-738-3161 to redeem your gift membership. Please be ready with all of the necessary information about the gift recipient. Gift membership packages are mailed directly to the recipient. During your purchase, you may submit a message to enclose with the gift card. If you have specific instructions for your gift or would like to make special arrangements, please contact us.

How do I use my Reel Insider subscription?
You are guaranteed entry to Reel Insider screenings, but you must show your membership card at the box office in order to attend the event.

How do I take advantage of my private screenings?
Please contact us at membership@thepicturehouse.org or at 914-738-3161 for more information.