Radio Dreams creates the odd yet very real world of PARS-FM – a Farsi-language radio station broadcasting from the heart of San Francisco. The story unfolds over a single day as the station’s program manager, Hamid – a brilliant, misunderstood Iranian writer (played by the “Iranian Bob Dylan” Mohsen Namjoo) – prepares for a triumphant broadcast – a live performance pairing Metallica and Kabul Dreams, Afghanistan’s first rock band. Meanwhile, Hamid must juggle a dysfunctional mix of on-air talent, station managers, and performers while fending off the owner’s plans to wrest control of the station.


Radio Dreams (93Mins)
Rated NR
Radio Dreams

Friday 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm

Saturday 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm, 9:30pm

Sunday   1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm, 9:30pm

Monday 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm

Tuesday 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm

Wednesday  2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm

Thursday 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm